The Editor and most of the editorial board of the Southern African Journal of Information and Communication have resigned following the threat of legal action against the editor by the University of the Witwatersrand LINK Centre. This website therefore serves only as a repository of past editions brought out under a creative commons licence, over the last decade.


There is no editorial continuity between these, Department of Education accredited issues, and an issue published without reference to the Editor or Editorial Board of over a decade, on the LINK website as issue 10 of this journal, under the assumed editorship of Lucienne Abrahams and with Charley Lewis as Review Editor.

The Southern African Journal of information and Communication (SAJIC), a South African Department of Education accredited journal, is an annual, interdisciplinary journal concerned with Africa’s participation in the “information society” and network economy. It focuses on information and communication technology (ICT) issues at the global, regional and national level that have implications for developing countries in general, and for Africa and the Southern African region in particular, encouraging debate on different aspects of ICT policy, regulation, strategy and implementation. It is both a rigorous academic journal and a practical tool to inform the continent’s ICT actors and decision-makers in government, industry and civil society.

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Issue No. 9

Table of Contents


The Role of Institutional Design in the Conduct of Infrastructure Industry Reforms - An Illustration Through Telecommunications in Developing Countries Abstract PDF
Farid Gasmi, Paul Noumba, Laura Recuero Virto
Mobile Telephony Access and Usage in Africa Abstract PDF
Augustin Chabossou, Christoph Stork, Matthias Stork, Pam Zahonogo
MXit Up in The Media: Media Discourse Analysis on a Mobile Instant Messanging System Abstract PDF
Wallace Chigona, Agnes Chigona
Charging for Higher Educational Networks in Developing Countries Abstract PDF
F.O. Kumalalo, E.A. Olajubu, G.A. Aderounmu
African National Regulatory Authority Benchmarking Abstract PDF
Monica Kerretts-Makau

Book Reviews

Book Review - Governing European Communications: from Unification to Coordination Abstract PDF
Lucky Madikiza

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